Testimonials of Our Patients

Our patients graciously share their experiences at the West Island Colorectal Clinic, providing valuable insights into our compassionate care and specialized expertise. Their testimonials highlight the personalized attention and professionalism of our medical team, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in colorectal healthcare. We are grateful for their trust and remain dedicated to delivering top-tier patient-centered care.

Incredible surgeon. I have been to Dr. Zalai several times, and he is most kind, helpful, knowledgeable, patient, explains all I need to know and puts me at ease. He performed colonoscopy on me, and the procedure was so quick and I did not feel any uneasiness or troubled at all. His staff and attending nurses are all super. He was also kind enough to refer me to a hernia surgeon in an emergency. He is not just my Doctor/surgeon, he is what I regard as a friend. Many thanks Doc.

Dr. Zalai gave me an appointment within 24 h after receiving the consultation. He operated on me in the office in the same session. He explained the procedure and relieved all my anxiety. I just felt the anesthetic and I did not have any pain after the procedure. The staff were all professional and kind. Thank you dr. Zalai for your empathy and professionalism.

Dr. Zalai is compassionate, attentive and kind. He put us at ease with both his professionalism and sense of humour. His care for my mother was excellent and her surgery was very successful. He went above and beyond to answer our questions often emailing me within minutes of my sending him a question – even in the evenings! I don’t know what we would have done if it wasn’t for Dr. Zalai, his helpful office staff and the excellent care provided by the Ville Marie Surgery Institute. If you’re looking for a colorectal Surgeon/Proctologist, I very highly recommend Dr. Zalai. Thank you !

Dr Zalai and his team were amazing. I had a few appointments and then required surgery. His warmth, sense of humor, empathy and professionalism put me at ease during a very uncomfortable situation. Thank-you to Dr. Zalai and his team. Highly recommend

Wonderful doctor, very kind and knowledgeable … I was very impressed with the level of professionalism— including follow up calls by him and his nurse afterwards.

I went under an EMA and TEM surgery with Dr. Christian Zalai, on August 1st, 2023. Thank you Dr. Zalai and professional team! I was feeling well already the same evening and everything went normal. I trusted him since my first visit to his office and highly recommend him! YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE WEST!!!!

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