What are pilonidal cysts and sinuses? Skin condition caused by ingrown hairs.

A pilonidal cyst is a skin condition caused by ingrown hairs that tunnel into the skin between the buttocks. They often present as a lump at the top of the buttocks where infected fluid may drain. This is an inherited condition where hair tends to grow inward and tunnel under the skin, causing chronic inflammation and occasionally an infection. Sometimes, hair from the head can also be a culprit.

What are the symptoms of pilonidal cysts and sinuses?

  • Swelling or lumps near the tailbone
  • Redness and inflammation
  • Pain or discomfort near the tailbone
  • Drainage of pus or blood
  • Formation of small tunnels under the skin
  • Fever

Who do pilonidal cysts and sinuses affect?

Pilonidal cysts and sinuses mainly affect young men, but women can also be prone to them. Those at risk often have factors such as excessive hair growth, a sedentary lifestyle or a family history.

These cysts and sinuses usually form when hair follicles are blocked or irritated, developing abscesses and painful sinuses near the tailbone. Infections can exacerbate the condition, requiring prompt medical attention and sometimes surgery for effective management and symptom relief.

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Dr. Christian Zalai talks about our specialized treatment of pilonidal cysts and sinuses. With a dual board-certification in colorectal surgery he offers a compassionate approach and personalized treatment plans.

How are pilonidal cysts and sinuses treated?

At our clinic, we offer a diverse range of treatments tailored to meet your unique needs. Our colorectal surgeons will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Oral medications

Medications taken by mouth, typically in the form of pills or liquid, to treat and manage conditions internally.


Laser hair removal

Permanent laser hair removal to help prevent and manage the recurrence of pilonidal cysts in the future.


Cyst drainage

Surgically opening and draining the infected or abscessed pilonidal cyst to alleviate pain and promote healing.


Cyst and pit removal

A surgical treatment where the infected tissue and sinus tracts near the tailbone are excised to prevent infection and promote healing.


Flap reconstruction

Surgical creation of a skin flap to cover the area after cyst and sinus tracts are removed. This facilitates wound closure and healing.


Clef-lift reconstruction

A surgical technique to reshape the buttock cleft. This eliminates the deep fold to reduce the risk of hair entrapment and infection.


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